Live, Eat and Breathe Design. Solve et Coagula – Destroy to recreate, disassemble to assemble something pure.
Responsive Website Design: Spring Veterinary

Website Design: Spring Veterinary Care

Have you ever felt that sometimes you’re having way too much fun at work? That was the case with this recent project that I’ve worked on. I suppose enjoying what I do for a living isn’t a bad thing at all (actually, it’s a blessing that I should always be thankful for),...

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Cortina Website: Jewellery Time 2014

Website Design: Jewellery Time 2014

Designing websites is always a fascinating experience. For each website I’ve worked on, almost exclusively always during the study phase of the process, it never ceases to amaze me how many new web technologies and features are out there to exploit since my last website project. Comparing it from a couple...

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How to politely say ‘No thanks, I’m not having any of your shit today’ and totally feel good about it

A really annoying thing about the term ‘freelancer’ that never fails to astonish me is that, even at this technologically advanced age where digital nomads are already common components in a corporate ecosystem (even for non-tech industries), there’s still a disturbingly high number of people who have the notion that freelancing rates (doesn’t...

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On death and losing people you love…

I’ve been having a recurring dream, no—more like a dull  and numb nightmare. That I was to bury the rest of my kin: my mom, my brothers and my sister. That’ll I’ll be the last one here and I’ll have to endure seeing each one of them die. Being...

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A Skanky Message from an Old Flame

Hi! How are you na? How long has it been? It feels like several lifetimes ago since we last saw each other. I know how this might freak you out, specially since I bailed out on you a few years back, but hear me out… I just want to...

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