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Chuck Norris probably reads this blog

That seems to be a plausible explanation why… ehem… THIS BLOG IS A FINALIST to the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. Yup, it’s there. I ain’t sh*ttin’ you.

I have an internet junkie’s habit of checking my email the moment I wake-up. And it was quite a pleasant surprise to receive PBA’s confirmation email that my blog was chosen as one of the finalists for Sunday’s awards night. The thing that really caught my attention in their email was that I have to prepare an acceptance speech… just in case I actually won.

Hmmnn… I never really thought about that until read their email. It never really crossed my mind that my blog has the slightest chance of winning. So what happened next is that, like an obsessively paranoid little boy that I am, I spent the next six hours contemplating of what to say in my acceptance speech. (>.<)

While I was in the shower I fancied how the awards night, accepting the award and my speech would be like. I was practically rehearsing the entire thing. Pretentious? Definitely. And it went on later throughout the day even when I was already pumping iron at the gym.

Until it hit me. Why am I creating much ado about something that isn’t definite? Wouldn’t it be such a waste of time to create something that might not be utilized at all?

That’s why I’ve decided to post my acceptance speech here. Being a finalist to the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards already means a lot to me anyway, and whether I win this or not, being a part of it is already something that I am thankful for.

So here it goes:

I’d like to give thanks to God, to whom all credit is due, with Him all things are possible.
To my wife, who taught me how to let go and let God. I love you with all my heart.
To my Mom, who showed me that faith in God and unconditional love for your family can overcome any obstacle that life may throw in your way.
To all my family and friends, who always remind me that even when the whole universe seem to conspire against us, we’ll always have each other to lean on to. (Queue music: Lean On Me – Hootie and the Blowfish)

And of course, thanks to the Philippine Blog Awards, their partners and their sponsors for providing a platform for Filipino bloggers to feel like celebs and rockstars. You guys rock.


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8 thoughts on “Chuck Norris probably reads this blog

  1. You definitely deserve that place in the list with those equally passionate people in the roster. Congratulations! What a great treat before the end of the year indeed.

    1. Lance Sison says:

      Thanks Florante… er… Drey. :) You’ve just made designing 3am on a weekend monrning rather enjoyable.

      Everyone on that list is passionate about whatever he or she is blogging about. May it be unfathomable and compelling opinions about certain issues or mere juvenile ranting about their latest iOS upgrade… oh wait, that’s me.

      I guess all of us are already winners. Having a voice and being heard is what blogging is all about anyway, right? Well… at least I’d like to think of it that way. I think what’s left is just a matter of figuring out who gets whatever tangible award/prize there is.

      Again, maraming salamat for the comment. It really means a lot to me. Peace.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there may I use some of the insight from this entry if I link back to you?

    1. Lance Sison says:

      I suppose… maybe you should ask Chuck Norris. ;p

  3. This post is impressive! I’m gonna put this in the bookmarks before I lose the link I don’t believe I’ll ever find my way back here again otherwise

  4. MalSaiple says:

    lasit visu emuaru, diezgan labs

  5. really agreed with what they were saying and thought I would share it with you all…

    was surprised by this so thought I would share it with my readers…

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